ARTICLE IV – FEES Policy Statement
The International Association of Safety, Health & Environmental Professionals
(IASHEP) reserves the right to assess fees for all services, including membership,
course challenging, application, examination, recertification, challenging failed
examination scores, duplicate certificates, and publications.
Fees are also charged for late applications, rescheduling an examination without a valid
reason, extensions, and other circumstances as deemed appropriate.
Fees are subject to change and the candidate is responsible to submit the current and
correct fee for any aspect of membership or certification.
All fees shall be published in the candidate handbook and on the website.
Refunds are granted at the discretion of the certification staff granted for accepted
circumstances such as emergency cancellations or withdrawals from the examination
Refunds are not granted to certification candidates who forfeit or fail the examination, or
who are denied eligibility or recertification.
The International Association of Safety, Health & Environmental Professionals
(IASHEP) Procedures
1. Applicants must remit an initial membership or certification application fee with the
2. Applicants must remit an exam fee prior to testing.
3. Renewal membership / applicants must remit a renewal application fee.
4. Renewal applicants failing to renew within the prescribed time, and who wish to
reinstate the certification, must pay all past due fees and late fees. Members who have
been inactive for more than two years must retake the corresponding exam and are
subject to an exam fee.
5. Certificates who fail to renew by the due date on their invoice will be assessed a late
fee of $30.00