Inactive Status

The following is the name(s) of IASHEP professionals whose professional credential(s) are considered INACTIVE. Inactive Status: Upon written request to the International Association of Safety, Health& Environmental Professionals (IASHEP) Director, an IASHEP member who is unable to remain active in the profession due to circumstances beyond his or her control (e.g., medical disability, military assignment, unemployment, etc.) may be granted inactive status for up to three years, during which time all payment and recertification requirements shall be waived. During the period of inactivity, the individual shall not use the “CEHSP” or any other IASHEP designations, which implies active status, but may use (Inactive).” Upon reactivation, the individual’s status picks up at the point where it left off.

If an inactive IASHEP member is unable to return to active status after this three-year period, the credential will be deemed revoked. An individual whose credential has been revoked under this rule shall be required to apply for and take the certification examination anew in order to regain his or her credential.