Certified Construction Environmental, Health & Safety Manager

100% online, self-paced course format

Course Credential: IASHEP- Certified Construction Environmental, Health & Safety Manager (IASHEP-CEHSM)

Note: Refresher certification is required every three years to maintain professional credential.) Recertification fee $150

Non-discrimination Policy:

IASHEP is committed to maintaining a work and learning environment free of all forms of discrimination

Course Objectives:

This course allows the student to become a Certified Construction Environmental, Health & Safety Manager. This Certified Construction Environmental, health and Safety Manager course covers various topics in the field of Construction.  This professional environmental, health and safety certification is an indication to employers, potential employers, regulatory agencies, and others that you have the knowledge, technical skills, and abilities equivalent to a level of proficiency expected of a professional who is capable of managing a construction project and managing  other environmental, health and safety professionals while managing the day to day activities of environmental, health and safety programs that are located on construction sites.

Prerequisite: Safety & Health Standards for Construction Industry (OSHA 500 & OSHA 510 or IASHEP 005 and IASHEP 015)

Learn to:

  • Define construction term found in the OSHA standards
  • Present effective environmental, health and safety training programs in accordance with OSHA construction standards, regulations, and guidelines
  • Identify environmental, health and safety hazards that occur in the construction industry and determine appropriate standards
  • Develop effective environmental, health and safety programs
  • Prepare reports citing conditions found
  • Identify methods to correct hazards

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to OSHA standards
  • Introduction to Environmental Protection Administration regulations (EPA)
  • How to develop and effective environmental, health and safety program
  • OSHA inspections, targeting, and penalties
  • Effective training techniques
  • Global harmonization & hazard communication
  • Health hazards in construction and personal protective equipment
  • Walking and working surfaces
  • Scaffolding erection and inspection requirments
  • Excavation & trenching safety requirements
  • Overview of the outreach training program
  • Construction electrical safety requirements
  • And more


Students completing the course must take a proctored final exam.  A score of 80% on the final exam is necessary to  receive your personalized certificate of completion. The student gets three (3) attempts to pass the course.

Performance Test

  • 25 specific teaching traits the student trainer must demonstrate during the presentation of their training session
  • 75 points are possible
  • Passing score is 50 points

Knowledge Test

  • 50 multiple choice questions each worth one full point
  • Passing score is 40 points (80%)
  • Alternative version (randomized questions/answers) used for any retest

After signing up for the course IASHEP will send you a link to the LMS class