Certified Fall Prevention Training Specialist Train The Trainer Course

100% online, self-paced course format

Certification: IASHEP Certified Fall Prevention Train The Trainer (IASHEP-CFPTTT)

(Note: Refresher certification is required every three years to maintain professional credential.)Recertification fee is $150

Non-discrimination Policy:

IASHEP is committed to maintaining a work and learning environment free of all forms of discrimination

Course Objectives:

This “Train the Trainer” course covers the safe use and erection of stairways, ladders, and scaffolds for construction. Each type of stairway, ladder, and scaffold are discussed. The recognition and abatement of a variety of related hazards are covered with a strong emphasis on fall protection.

Falls are the leading cause of worker fatalities in the construction industry. Each year between 150 and 200 workers are killed and more than 100,000 are injured as a result of falls at construction sites. This course covers regulatory requirements and safe work practices to help prevent these tragedies.

Learning Outcome:

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to identify fall hazards in the workplace, identify methods to reduce fall hazards, identify various types of ladders, and identify safety requirements of scaffolding. Student will learn how to develop an effective fall prevention training program and teach adult learners.

Course Content:

  • Introduction and Orientation
  • Pre-test (baseline of current level of knowledge)
  • How to Develop an Effective Fall Prevention Program
  • ANSI Z-359 Standards Overview
  • ANSI A10.32 Fall protection equipment for construction
  • Anchor points, selection, evaluation and practical applications
  • Overview of Horizontal Systems and unique applications
  • Basic Rescue Preparedness
  • Equipment Inspection Exercise
  • Review of Applicable OSHA Legislation
  • Equipment Hazard Alerts
  • Hazard Recognition Exercise
  • Determine solutions for identified fall hazards in specific situations
  • Final Review
  • Final Exam
  • Student Presentation


Students completing the course must take a proctored final exam.  A score of 80% on the final exam is necessary to receive your personalized certificate of completion. The student gets three (3) attempts to pass the course.

After signing up for the course IASHEP will send you a link to the LMS class