Recertification and Renewal Fee’s


As a IASHEP professional, you will be required to pay an annual membership fee of $100.00 to maintain your IASHEP professional certification(s). In addition, every three years, you will be required to complete continuing education (CE), and a Renewal Application, where you will confirm that you are adhering to IASHEP Code of Ethics. The information on the IASHEP Recertication Requirements can be found in the IASHEP Certification Handbook which is located on the IASHEP website under Policies. Failure to submit your Recertifcation documents for an IASHEP audit will cause IASHEP to potentially Revoke your professional credential(s)

Renewal of IASHEP professional certification(s) is required every three years to maintain professional credential. Renewal fee is: $150.

All IASHEP® members who hold IASHEP® professional certifications must maintain continuing education. You may be asked to submit proof of your continuing education, For further information, please read the IASHEP® Certification Handbook which is located on the IASHEP® website.

Certification Policies

You must complete a Renewal Application every three years in order to renew your IASHEP® certification. Along with contact and demographic information, an important part of the form is the acknowledgement of voluntary adherence to the terms and conditions of certification with IASHEP® Board. The application also involves completing a statement disclosing any involvement in criminal and civil proceedings, inquiries or investigations, bankruptcy filings, internal reviews and customer complaints.

IASHEP® Board monitors your ongoing compliance with its ethical standards, in addition to investigating consumer complaints, reviewing reports from other regulatory bodies.  

If it appears that you may have violated IASHEP® Code of Professional Conduct, we reserve the right to investigate your alleged behavior according to the Disciplinary Rules and Procedures. If it is found that you are in violation of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct, IASHEP® Board may impose disciplinary action ranging from a private letter of censure or public admonition to suspension or revocation of the right to use the IASHEP® marks. IASHEP® Board of Directors reserves the right to verify the accuracy of the completed statement and routinely conducts audits to ensure compliance with disclosure requirements.


IASHEP® membership fees are due annually. Your membership ends of December 31 and you must renew your IASHEP® membership. The annual membership of $100.00 fee must be paid by January 1 of each year in order to avoid a non-refundable $75 late fee and possible relinquishment of the IASHEP® marks.

The annual certification fee supports the operation of International Assoc of Safety Health Environmental Professionals (IASHEP®) in fulfilling its mission and objectives. Some of these activities include protection of the (IASHEP®) certification marks, enforcement of (IASHEP) Board’s Code and Standards, educating the public about the IASHEP® marks, and development and administration of the IASHEP® certification examination. $150 of the certification fee is dedicated solely to the IASHEP Public Awareness Campaign to increase awareness of what IASHEP has to offer.

The IASHEP® annual membership fee is non-refundable, and acceptance of the fee payment does not guarantee or imply that your IASHEP® certification will be maintained. All applicable certification requirements must be completed to maintain IASHEP® recertification documents.

Deficiency Notice

45 days after your certification period has expired, you will receive a notice of deficiency.

Relinquishing of Your IASHEP® Certification(s)

If you have not met your certification requirements within 90 days of the certification expiration date, you will be subject to additional requirements to reinstate your certification. A notice is sent advising you that, due to a failure to complete the renewal requirements, you are deemed to have relinquished the right to use the IASHEP® Professional Credentials® marks. Continued use of the marks in such circumstances is viewed by IASHEP® Board of Directors as unauthorized use. We consider unauthorized use an extremely serious matter and we are prepared to take necessary steps to protect the certification marks in such cases.

If you are currently certified, and not under review by IASHEP® Board’s Professional Standards department, you can choose to voluntarily relinquish your certification. You must notify IASHEP® Executive Director by submitting the appropriate form, that you voluntarily relinquish your rights to use the IASHEP® certification marks. Please note that certification fees paid to IASHEP® are non-refundable. If you are not certified because you did not renew your certification within the appropriate window, you are considered administratively relinquished and do not need to submit a voluntary relinquishment form.


If your IASHEP® certification has gone into relinquishment, follow these five steps to get reinstated:

  1. Submit the Intent To Reinstate form.
  2. Pay a non-refundable $150 reinstatement fee.
  3. Report any outstanding CE.
  4. Complete the renewal application and pay the renewal fee.
  5. Pass the background check.

Once we receive your completed Intent to Reinstate form, we will email you within approximately 3-5 business days to provide you with details regarding your specific reinstatement steps.

If you have been in relinquishment for five years or more, you will be required to pass the current IASHEP® exam as a condition of reinstatement.

You must complete reinstatement requirements within 90 days of when your Intent to Reinstate form is approved. If you miss the 90-day deadline, you will be required to re-apply for reinstatement, which includes paying the non-refundable $100 reinstatement fee.

After you have completed your reinstatement requirements, a background check is run. We will then provide you with written confirmation of your reinstatement, and issue a current IASHEP® Board ID card. Once the reinstatement is complete, you can start using the IASHEP® marks again.

In the event that your reinstatement is denied as a result of any disciplinary action taken by our Disciplinary and Ethics Commission, you may petition to the Appeals Committee, pursuant to IASHEP® Board’s Disciplinary Rules and Procedures.


Less than one year after certification expiration date:
Complete any outstanding CE hours, including a two-hour IASHEP® Board-approved ethics course, unless you already met your ethics CE requirement in your most recent CE period.

More than one year, but less than five years, after certification expiration date:
Complete any outstanding CE hours, including a two-hour IASHEP® Board-approved ethics course, in addition to CE hours accrued at 1.25 hours per month prior to the submission of your Intent to Reinstate form. The maximum number of CE hours required will not exceed 60.

CE completed within the two years prior to the date of reinstatement will be accepted, as well as CE completed within the 90 days following the acceptance of your Intent to Reinstate form. The IASHEP® Board approved ethics course must be completed within the past 12 months.

Five years after certification expiration date:
You will be required to pass the current IASHEP® exam, in lieu of the CE requirement.