If an IASHEP member is found in violation of using an International Assoc of Environmental Health Safety Professionals (IASHEP) credential that they have not qualified for that professional certification, the individual will not be allowed to apply for, pursue, or regain membership into IASHEP or apply for a professional credential for a period of five (5) years, or such other period as IASHEP determines is appropriate.

Individuals who have used an IASHEP Professional Certification / Designation authority will have their name posted in the IASHEP membership directory as a “Member not in good standing”.

IASHEP as with other professional organizations receives inquiries from a variety of sources including other credential holders, employers, and membership organizations. IASHEP will pursue all cases in which there is clear evidence of the unauthorized use of an IASHEP certified credential and the individual has a clear responsibility, control, or knowledge of the use. Evidence may be a business card, resume, letter, web site, or other publication.

IASHEP members may appeal to the Director and Advisory Board to have their case heard. Any IASHEP member or Person who fails to comply with IASHEP cease and desists notification will be subject to additional potential penalties including IASHEP potentially filing a lawsuit against the person.